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This is in no way a complete list. For that, please check out my GitHub. here

Bottomless-Pit is a game engine that runs on Mac, Linux, Winodws, and even the web. You can try out all the examples here:

Add the crate to your project from crates.io. If you find any errors or want to contribute please do that on GitHub.


Bottomless-Site is the website/webserver that you are using right now. The front end is nothing special as everything is vanilla JS/CSS/HTML, and no frameworks are used. I am much more proud of the back end, which is written complety by hand in Rust. The backend is basic, but I am most proud of is the API system. It is just a hashmap of functions with the path acting as the key. On top of the API, I needed to add rate limiting. The rate limiter uses the client's IP address to identify them. I would like to change this later as if there are multiple people on the same IP then they can use up each others' requests.

Other notable features include:

  • Custom HTML parser
  • Custom Metada files (used for blog API)
  • GET and POST request APIs

This site is completly open source. Please check it out on GitHub.